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Why doesn't my transponder beep?

New tolling technology means beeping transponders are a thing of the past. Sticker transponders and hardcase, switchable transponders issued after July 5, 2020, are made with battery-free technology and do not beep. If, for some reason, a toll isn’t collected based on a reading of a transponder, the toll is collected using a photograph of the vehicle’s license plates. So, make sure the vehicle information listed on your account is up-to-date.

If your hardcase transponder was issued prior to July 5, 2020, and doesn’t beep, it may not be working properly. Please review your recent toll road activity. If you notice a high number of "pay-by-plate" transactions, you need a new transponder. To order a new transponder, log in to your account online or via The Toll Roads app, select "Transponders" and click "Replace" next to the transponder you wish to replace.

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