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Rental Vehicles

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All tolls on State Routes 73, 133, 241 and 261 are collected electronically. If you are driving a rental car you can pay your tolls the following ways:

Pay tolls with a FasTrak Account®

If you are renting or borrowing a vehicle and have a FasTrak account with any tolling agency in California, you can temporarily add the vehicle’s license plate number to your account. If your account is with The Toll Roads, log in to your account to add the vehicle on a temporary basis with a start and end date for your rental period. Driving a rental car or borrowed vehicle on The Toll Roads without temporarily adding the license plate number to your account may result in tolls and additional service fees billed through the rental company or a Notice of Toll Evasion.

Pay tolls without a FasTrak Account®

Register your rental vehicle with The Toll Roads to pay tolls directly:

If you do not have a FasTrak account, you can have tolls charged directly to your credit card while using a rental car. Once you enter the license plate number you will be directed through a process to have tolls charged directly to your credit card for all or part of your rental period. Some companies require you pre-register your vehicle before your drive on The Toll Roads. Any trips incurred before you register the vehicle will be charged directly through the rental company after you return the car, according to your rental agreement.

Registering your rental vehicle will only cover tolls incurred on the 73, 133, 241 and 261 Toll Roads. The following roads do not accept this payment method:

  • 91 Express Lanes in Orange County
  • 10/110 Metro ExpressLanes in Los Angeles
  • 125 South Bay Expressway in San Diego
  • I-15 Express Lanes in San Diego
  • I-580 and I-680 Express Lanes in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Golden Gate Bridge

With a FasTrak account, you can pay tolls on every tolled bridge, lane and road in California. To sign up for an account with The Toll Roads, click here.

Automatically register through a rental car agreement

Before driving a rental car on The Toll Roads, it is recommended that you ask the rental car company how they process tolls and fees. Many rental car companies offer ways to pay tolls and have them charged conveniently through your rental agreement. If the rental car company or branch location doesn’t allow you to pay tolls through your rental agreement, you can pay tolls online. Additionally, some Avis and Budget car rental locations in California have certain vehicles equipped with FasTrak transponders that allow drivers to use any tolled bridge, lane and road in California for a nominal fee. The rental car companies listed below offer the option of paying tolls through your rental agreement.

Renters will be charged the tolls incurred and the convenience fee outlined in the rental car agreement. Please contact the rental car company for more information and convenience fees that may be assessed after for driving The Toll Roads or other tolled roads and bridges in California.