Executive Team Compensation

Title Salary* Car Allowance Retirement &
Health Benefits
Total 2018
Michael A. Kraman, Chief Executive Officer 317,591 7,675 116,223 441,489
Chief Financial Officer 249,178 8,408 86,858 344,444
Chief Toll Operations Officer  231,492 9,180 85,253 325,925
Former Chief Communications Officer 184,984 8,317 68,428 261,729
Chief Environmental Planning Officer  184,505 6,704 74,351 265,560
Chief Strategy Officer 230,763 9,180 39,168 279,111

*Includes base salary and, if applicable, leave buyout and bonus.

TCA reports salary and benefits information to the California State Controller’s Office (SCO) each year. F/ETCA and SJHTCA operate under common management and staff, for whom F/ETCA is considered the sole employer for the purpose of this reporting requirement. Salary and benefits information that was reported for calendar year 2017 for these employees may be found at the following link. The information for 2018 will be reported to the SCO in April 2019 and available to the public at a later date.


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