Transportation Corridor Agencies Celebrate Women’s History Month

For more than 30 years, California’s largest tolling agency remains committed to recruiting, retaining and advancing women in transportation

IRVINE, Calif. - March 20, 2019

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), responsible for planning, financing, constructing and operating Orange County’s 51-miles of Toll Roads, are honoring and celebrating the number of women in leadership positions throughout the organization during Women’s History Month. 

Since its inception, TCA’s mission has been to enhance regional mobility in Orange County and Southern California with creativity, innovation and cutting edge transportation technology. 1987 was a pivotal year – the month of March was declared as Women’s History Month and Orange County’s Toll Roads became a reality with the authorization to construct the new toll facilities and issue bonds backed by future toll revenues and development impact fees.

For more than 30 years, TCA has remained committed to fostering the development of all its employees’ careers, including by recognizing women in the industry doing outstanding work in transportation. 

TCA’s commitment to career growth and support in the transportation industry is demonstrated through the number of women in leadership positions throughout the organization, many of whom have advanced in their careers through promotions into their leadership positions. 

Most prominently, 50 percent of the executive team serving directly under the Chief Executive Officer are women. And 62 percent of TCA’s staff are women; of which nearly half hold management positions throughout the organization and have advanced to their positions through the continued support of TCA. 

“It is critical to bring women into the field of transportation and support their growth, which supports the continuing growth and strength of our industry,” said Valarie McFall, Chief Environmental Planning Officer at TCA. 

TCA continues to place highly qualified women in strategic positions within the organization and supports their development by providing opportunities for growth and advancement. Individuals are encouraged to take on responsibilities to further their leadership roles by serving in organizations such as the Women’s Transportation Seminar and the International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association. 

“TCA’s commitment to recruiting, retaining, and advancing all employees in transportation is demonstrated through the number of women in key decision-making roles throughout our organization, many of whom have advanced in their careers through promotions into leadership positions,” said Susan Rohde, director of Human Resources at TCA. 

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) are two joint powers authorities formed by the California legislature in 1986 to plan, finance, construct and operate Orange County’s public toll road system. Fifty-one miles of the system are complete, including the 73, 133, 241 and 261 Toll Roads. TCA continues to meet the region’s growing need for congestion-free transportation alternatives. 

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