Projects & Initiatives

  • South County Traffic Relief

    South County Traffic Relief Effort

    The South County Traffic Relief Effort (SCTRE) environmental phase is a Caltrans led effort and TCA is the sponsoring agency. The first project phase, the public scoping comment period, has ended. Public scoping meetings were held and comments were collected from Nov. 8, 2019 to Feb. 10, 2020. Comments received during the public scoping comment period will be taken into account as Caltrans prepares the Scoping Summary and Alternatives...

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  • 241-91 Rendition

    241/91 Express Connector

    The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), in coordination with Caltrans, is proposing to add a direct connector linking the northbound 241 Toll Road to the eastbound 91 Express Lanes and the westbound 91 Express Lanes to the southbound 241 Toll Road. The direct, median-to-median tolled connector would reduce traffic congestion in both directions, enhance safety by reducing weaving across lanes and improve access to toll lanes in Orange and...

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  • congestion-free toll roads

    Projects & Initiatives

    As the Southern California region's population increases and the economy grows, the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) works toward ensuring that The Toll Roads remain valuable, congestion-free alternatives to local freeways.

    To see TCA's 2020 Capital Improvement Project Report, Click here.

    Currently, TCA is involved in three projects and...

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  • Oso Bridge

    Oso Parkway Bridge

    The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) and Orange County Public Works will replace a portion of Oso Parkway with a new bridge structure to provide motorists with a direct connection between Los Patrones Parkway (a new road connecting with Rancho Mission Viejo) and State Route 241. The new bridge will improve traffic flow and enhance safety on Oso Parkway and direct access to the 241 Toll Road will support traffic flow in the area....

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