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Motorcycle Sticker Transponder Installation Instructions

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How to Install Your Sticker Transponder

Mounting Location

Preferred Mounting Location of a Fastrak sticker on a motorcycle is on the headlamp 2 inches away from metal

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Step-by-Step Installation

Mount the external sticker transponder to your headlamp lens/cover. Take care when adhering the sticker because moving or adjusting it after installation will cause it to break and become unusable. If this happens, log in to your account online or via The Toll Roads free app, select “Transponders” and “Request Transponder.”

  1. Find a Suitable Mounting Location

    Choose a mounting location two inches away from metal (hood, body panel, etc.).

  2. Clean the Placement area

    Clean and dry the headlamp lens/cover in the chosen placement area.

  3. Carefully Peel the Sticker

    Carefully remove the sticker transponder by peeling the backing away from the sticker (see illustration above).

  4. Handle with Care

    Minimize contact with the sticker’s adhesive and avoid sharply bending or folding the sticker.

  5. Placing the Sticker

    Position and smoothly press the sticker against the glass working from one end to avoid trapping air bubbles.


    Do not move or adjust a sticker transponder once it has been installed. It will break and become unusable.

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Metalized Windshields
If you have a vehicle with a metalized windshield listed on your account, you can request an external headlamp sticker transponder by logging into your account at Once logged in, select “Transponders” and “Request” a headlamp sticker. You can also make the request by calling our Customer Service Call Center at 949-727-4800.

If you have a motorcycle listed on your account, you can request a motorcycle sticker transponder by calling our Customer Service Call Center at 949-727-4800.


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