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The FasTrak Transponder

FasTrak® Sticker Transponder

FasTrak sticker transponders are the latest in electronic toll collection technology.

In 2019, The Toll Roads began offering new small, durable sticker transponders to replace existing hardcase transponders. Sticker and hardcase transponders are valid to pay tolls on all of California’s tolled bridges, lanes and roads.

Vehicles with Metalized Windshields


FasTrak Switchable Transponder

Also known as FasTrak Flex®, FasTrak switchable transponders/FasTrak Flex transponders have a small black switch that can be moved to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle.

Prior to starting each trip, it is the driver's responsibility to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle by moving the switch to the appropriate setting (1, 2, 3+). Some tolling facilities allow qualifying carpools and eligible vehicles to drive for free or at a discounted rate. On The Toll Roads, all vehicles are charged a toll 24 hours a day, seven days a week — no matter the number of occupants or option selected on a switchable transponder (FasTrak Flex).

Please note that switchable transponders issued after July 5, 2020, are made with the same battery-free technology as sticker transponders and no longer beep when going through a toll point.

Switchable Transponder Installation

Switchable Transponder

FasTrak Standard Transponder

Standard FasTrak transponders do not have a small black switch that can be moved to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle. For toll facilities that require no transponder for qualifying carpools and eligible vehicles, removing the transponder from the vehicle or using an agency-provided Mylar® bag is suggested to avoid tolls being charged.

Standard Transponder Installation


FasTrak External Transponders

FasTrak external transponders – used primarily on fleet and commercial vehicles – are attached to the vehicle's front license plate or are screw-mounted in the area on the front bumper where the license plate is normally located.

External Transponder Installation

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