The FasTrak Transponder

FasTrak drivers must have a transponder mounted to their vehicle's windshield in order to pay the lowest tolls on The Toll Roads - $1 less than the account toll rate at every tolling point. Motorcyclists should keep the transponder in a secure location.

Transonder Mounting Locations

  1. Clean mounting area inside of windshield and let dry.
  2. Remove plastic tape from back of mounting strips on transponder.
  3. Position transponder as illustrated above based on your mirror type.
  4. Press transponder firmly against glass.


For External Transponders and Commercial Trucks

An external transponder is designed to be attached to the front of your vehicle, on a flat surface. It is screw-mounted in the area on the front bumper where the license plate is normally located. The transponder is equipped with tamper-resistant mounting screws with a unique wrench for mounting.

External Mounting Location

  1. Remove top two screws from the license plate.
  2. Position transponder so that the mounting holes in the transponder correspond to the top holes in the license plate area on the front bumper of the vehicle.
  3. Tighten tamper-resistant screws with the provided unique wrench to secure transponder to vehicle.
  4. Keep the wrench in a secure place for future adjustments or removal of the transponder.
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View our FAQs on FasTrak.

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