How do I pay tolls if I am driving a rental/loaner vehicle?

If you have a hardcase switchable FasTrak transponder, you can temporarily add the vehicle's license plate number to your account and transfer that hardcase transponder to the vehicle.

If you have a sticker transponder, please do not remove it in an attempt to put it in your rental/loaner vehicle. The antenna will break and the sticker transponder will become unusable. Instead, temporarily add the rental/loaner vehicle’s license plate number to your account. License plate recognition will collect the toll(s) via your account using the payment method of your choice.

You can also pay tolls incurred by a rental/loaner vehicle at, The Toll Roads free app or through your rental company.

If you do not have an account, you can have tolls charged directly to your credit card while using a rental car. Once you enter the license plate number, you will be directed through a process to have tolls charged directly to your credit card for all or part of your rental period. Some rental car agencies require you to pre-register the vehicle before driving The Toll Roads. Any trips incurred before you register the vehicle will be charged directly through the rental car agency after you return the vehicle, according to your rental agreement.

To learn more about driving The Toll Roads with a rental vehicle click here

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