What do I do with my hardcase transponder?

If you have an old standard FasTrak transponder (with no small black switch), you can choose to dispose of it the way you would a lithium battery or other hazardous household waste. For more information: CalRecycle.ca.gov/ReduceWaste/Batteries.

If you occasionally use your switchable transponder for carpool discounts on California’s express lanes, we suggest you adhere your sticker transponder to the inside of your windshield and keep your hardcase switchable transponder somewhere safe (not in your vehicle) to use when you carpool in designated express lanes. You can have both transponders on your windshield at the same time. When the vehicle passes through a tolling location, the switchable transponder is read as the default transponder and the appropriate toll will be collected based on the setting (1, 2, 3+). You will not be charged twice. For information on carpooling with FasTrak, visit: TheTollRoads.com/Accounts/FasTrak/California.

If you primarily use FasTrak to carpool in express lanes, you can choose to keep your switchable hardcase transponder mounted in your vehicle and store your sticker transponder in a safe place (not in your vehicle) to use when the need arises.

Sticker Transponder FAQs
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