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Customer Service Snapshot

The Toll Roads' Quarterly Customer Interaction Feedback Snapshot
Customer Interaction Feedback - FY21

Customer Service Performance - FY21



TCA produces quarterly and annual infographics highlighting customer interaction feedback collected via phone surveys offered at the end of every call with a Customer Service Representative.
This infographic is the most recent and is for Fiscal Year 2021. Following is the content conveyed:
Customer Interaction Feedback – Overall customer satisfaction was rated at a 4.5 out of 5, reflecting customers’ positive experience and achieving staff’s goal of attaining at least 4.5 out of 5.
Response Rate – More than 79,000 surveys were completed in FY21.
Net Promoter Score (NPS) – The NPS for FY21 was calculated at 70. According to global NPS standards, an NPS score of 50 or greater is “Excellent.” This NPS score continues to demonstrate the high level of customer loyalty that exists among users of The Toll Roads.
Cash Payment Network – Launched in the second quarter of FY19, PayNearMe is TCA’s cash payment network provider that allows customers to pay their toll as a first-time violator, or to pay a violation without a waiver at any 7-Eleven location. In the fourth quarter of FY20, the program was expanded enabling customers to also use the Pay Toll Now feature and replenish their accounts using the cash payment network. It was also expanded to include all CVS locations. Use of the PayNearMe payment option continues to increase with 37,975 payments totaling $846,899 made in FY21.
Account Management – Website usage remained at 58 percent, while the percentage of customers choosing to speak to a CSR decreased (-4%) for account management functions. Use of the app increased (+3%).
Performance Objectives – In FY21, TCA’s Call Center received almost two million incoming calls. About half requested to speak with a customer service representative and about half used the automated phone service. The average hold time was three minutes and fourteen seconds.
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